Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner Review – 5 Best Options For You in 2021

The use of Vinyl sidings has revolutionized constructions for sure. Besides being attractive, they are very durable. However, you will have to contend with the challenge of cleaning them. Your house exteriors are the first to be seen by your visitors. Consequently, maintaining their hygiene is very important for that first impression.

Are you imagining what the picture of the best Vinyl siding cleaner should look like? As a plastic product, handing Vinyl can be very challenging.

Therefore, you should consider a cleaner that can handle cleaning without compromising on aesthetics. Like other cleaners, it should be effective, environment-friendly and safer to use.

Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner Review

Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner

This is probably the best vinyl siding cleaner ever.  It is the most popular brand because you actually do not have to scrub off or rinse dirt. All you have to do is apply the mild citrus scented chemical on your sidings and let them get clean on their own. Is that not what any cleaner would want?

Spray & Forget Revolutionary Roof Cleaner


The cleaner is able to eliminate molds, mildew, and all other kinds of stains on exterior surfaces. The grey, black, or green stains if left to spread can permanently destroy vinyl sidings. With this cleaner, you will simply spray over the stains and let them disappear over time. Most importantly, you will not have to scrub a thing.


It is able to work on any kind of surface and remove dirt without scrubbing. It will work on almost any exterior surface. Besides cleaning vinyl sidings perfectly, it can also work on brick, wood, composite, moss and other organic materials. Moreover, it can clean decks, driveways and more. It can work perfectly on your entire compound I tell you.


The cleaner is very for you and your plants. Perimeter plants blend well with vinyl sidings to give attractive and clear-cut looks. A cleaner that will compromise this is not worth using. Besides, the cleaner will not burn your eyes and skin when working. You always will not always have to watch your back all the time.

Bleach free

Vinyl sidings are loved for their attractive colors and amazing looks. It would be meaningless to use a cleaner that bleaches their colors. This cleaner is manufactured without bleaching components in the mixture. In addition, it will not bleach the other components of your walls like gutters.

Application methods

It comes in various bottle sizes good for both outdoor and indoor activities.  You will not have to do several refills when working on larger surfaces I tell you. Moreover, it comes in two application methods. You can either connect to a garden hose or use the design with trigger spray attached to the bottle.


When using a spray, you do not want to use chemicals that will easily cause air pollution. The cleaner comes in a solution that does not contain phosphates and heavy metals. Instead, it comes in a mild mixture of solutions that do not pollute the environment.


  • It is scented with a citrus flavor to enhance usability
  • Can be used on several surfaces apart from vinyl sidings
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Easy to use


  • Does not act instantly
  • Could lead to a rust brown stain if not well used.

KRUD KUTTER ES32H Exterior Siding Cleaner

This sliding cleaner is very powerful and works in no time to give you spotless sidings. However, you will have to use a pressure washing machine when using this cleaner. You will use the machine to apply the concentrate on your sidings, let it rest, then spray rinsing water. You do not have to waste energy on scrubbing.

KRUD KUTTER ES32H Exterior Siding Cleaner


A good siding cleaner should work on several types of external surfaces. Consequently, you will not have to spend more on cleaning and care about other parts of your wall. Well, this cleaner is able to remove tough stains on aluminum, vinyl, and wood sidings. In addition, it can also work well with roofs, gutters and much more.

Easier to use

The cleaner comes in handy because the machine will do almost all the cleaning for you. All you will have to do is pour some amount of the concentrate into the machine. You then spray and let to rest before you rinse with the machine again. You will not have to scrub I tell you.


The cleaner is very powerful.  In fact, it is able to remove tough dirt and mildew stains. In addition, it can act on stains from oil and grease, tree sap and bird droppings. However, it is not able to remove mold stains. Despite sensitivity, molds cannot cause you problems because you do not have to scrub.

Ability to Clean a Large Surface

Unlike other cleaners that require bigger volumes to function effectively, this is a brand with a difference. A one-gallon container of the cleaner concentrate will be able to clean for you up to 3,200 squares per foot. However, the cleaner comes in already standardized super concentrations thus you will not have to dilute before use.

Safe for use on Perimeter Plants

The cleaner comes in a special bleach-free formula that is safe for use around plants.it would be meaningless to have a cleaner that cleans and destroy decorations in equal measure. It can be used to clean sidings without minding plantations. You can further rinse the surface and surrounding plants in your entire compound to make it clean.

Environment friendliness

The spray is made with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients to ensure that they do not pollute the environment after usage.


  • Powerful thus can remove tough stains easily
  • It is easy to use you won’t struggle with mixing and application on sidings
  • It is environmental friendly
  • Easy on vegetation
  • No scrubbing required


  • Does not kill molds
  • Irritates when it comes into contact with eye and skin
  • Destroy spray parts

Krud Kutter HW01 Clear House Wash with Mild Odor

Unlike with the KRUD KUTTER ES32H, this cleaner is multipurpose. It is able to clean so powerfully while still being gentle on nature. However, you will have to rinse the surface before and after applying the chemical. Besides, you will use a machine to do the cleaning.  The cleaner should rest 5 minutes on the surface before rinsing.

Krud Kutter HW01 Clear House Wash with Mild Odor

It is multi-purpose

This cleaner is multipurpose and can work on dirt on any surface possible. For example sidings, gutters, concrete driveways bricks, and woods just to name a few.  The machine can be used to spray the cleaner on any surface. In addition, it is scented so that you do not mind using it anywhere.

Ability to Clean Large Surface

The cleaner comes in a super concentrate that is able to clean very large surfaces using smaller volumes. Can you imagine cleaning a whole 4000 square feet of the surface using only a gallon of chemical? You do not have to economize on using your cleaner indeed.

Safer to use on Plants

Unlike other brands that harm vegetation, this cleaner is very nature-friendly. You will be able to clean your sidings and other surfaces more comfortable without minding plants. Nevertheless, you will also be able to clean plants surfaces making your entire compound clean.

It is Environmental Friendly

The ingredients of this chemical are non-toxic and biodegradable thus minimize pollution. Besides, they are scented to reduce bad strong smells common with cleaners. In addition, eco-friendly cleaners are essential for your general health conditions and do not accelerate deterioration of sidings. Most importantly, you should always consider eco-friendliness when judging the efficacy of any cleaner.

Easy to use

The cleaner is very easy to apply onto sidings. All you will have to do is to pour a certain amount of chemicals you would like to use. You can then let the machine do all the work for you. Moreover, you will not have to use scrubbers to remove dirt and stains I tell you.


  • It is fast acting on stains taking most probably 5 minutes only to act.
  • It is soft on nature and can work well with plants
  • Can clean several surfaces
  • Does not have a bad smell


  • You have to rinse with much water to avoid forming films

Home Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash

Sometimes, cleaning goes beyond the norm. You are forced to device desperate tactics to reach tall and hidden wall sidings such as ladders. How would you feel learning that a sprayer that can do the job for you? Besides, it is simple to use. All you require is a hose and the chemical.

Home Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash

It is Easy to Work With

Unlike other cleaners that require the use of machine sprayer and hands, this cleaner only needs a garden hose to work. All you have to do is attach the powerful sprayer to your garden hose to create a strong super spray. Moreover, you will be able to reach tall and hidden places on the walls.

Stains and dirt

The cleaner in addition to a garden hose work together to give a high-pressure blast that removes dirt and stains.it can work to remove mold, mildew, and tough stains in no time. In addition, you will not have to use much energy scrubbing of dirt from your sidings. You only apply the cleaner and rinse it off.

Can harm plants

Plants can act as good decorative materials when they blend with sidings on your wall. As a result, you should always consider using a cleaner that protects them. However, there are actually good cleaners such as this, that can harm plants.  This cleaner is special because you can always water your plants before and after cleaning to protect them.

High efficacy

The cleaner is made of very powerful bleaching ingredients to offer up to two times the efficacy of normal cleaners.  This will enable you to remove mold, mildew and other stubborn stains easier without scrubbing. It is also fast acting and you will have to wait for only a few minutes before it acts on stains.


A good siding cleaner should always enable you to clean your entire compound. Consequently, you will be able to cut on the cost of cleaning .besides walls, the other parts of your compound start wearing because of chemicals. This cleaner is able to work on various surfaces apart from vinyl sidings. Examples of such materials are bricks stucco and aluminum.

Can clean on larger surfaces

A good siding material always works on larger surfaces in small volumes. This solution comes in a standardized concentrate that can cover up to 4000 square feet per gallon of cleaner. Can you imagine working on such a larger surface and still be that powerful? It will indeed help you cut on the cost of cleaning I tell you.


  • It is powerful in action
  • Easy to use as you only spray
  • Reaches high walls and places that are difficult to reach


  • Eye and skin irritant thus you have to be very precautions when handling the cleaner.
  • Not feasible with plants

DROP-OFF Vinyl Siding Cleaner 24 Oz

This is a typical design of a traditional cleaner where you have to apply the chemical and scrub to remove dirt. The chemical comes in a handy container. You apply the cleaner considerately on the surface by pressing a trigger. Let it sit in and act on the dirt for some seconds. Lastly, you will have to brush on the dirt and rinse with clean water.

DROP-OFF Vinyl Siding Cleaner 24 Oz


It is able to eat into, and melt away tough stains from the surfaces of vinyl sidings. Moreover, they can remove stains on fiberglass, wood and even metals just to mention a few. The main reason why it is able to clean such diverse materials is its non-abrasion property.  It simply protects while cleaning.


Besides spider stains that are always common with vinyl sidings, it can act on several other stains.it can as well work on mold, mildew, spider droppings and dirt. However, you will have to scrub over the stain with a soft brush for better results. You should always use it when cautious about your siding finishing.

Does not Contain Bleach

Unlike other strong vinyl sidings cleaner, this cleaner does not contain bleach. This will keep you sidings free from shedding. However, bleach is very harmful to plans. As a result, you will be forced not to use your cleaner next to plants or kill them. This makes it less desirable for outdoor cleaning.

You Have to Scrub off to Remove Stains

In addition to the powerful cleaner, you will have to use a soft bristle brush or damp cloth to scrub off stains. You will first need to spray the chemical on the dirty surface and let it sit in for some seconds. You then proceed to scrub off the dirt then rinse away with clean water.

Easy to use

The chemical is packaged in a neat small spray tin from which you spray the chemical. Moreover, you will have to be next to the surface you are cleaning to apply.  Therefore, much cleaner is not wasted during application. You will love how you do not have to struggle to mix and reading too many instructions.


This is the quality of a siding cleaner to protect the surface of sidings while cleaning them. Besides durability, there is nothing more important than the appearance of vinyl siding. Therefore, you will need a cleaner that can work on sidings while letting them maintain their gloss.


  • It is environment-friendly as it uses biodegradable materials
  • It comes in a small spray tin and is very handy
  • Works on various types of stains and surfaces
  • It is fast acting thus you don’t have to waste much time on cleaning


  • You have to spend much energy on scrubbing off dirt unlike other cleaners
  • Can be irritant if exposed to the eye or skin.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Vinyl Siding Cleaners

Cleaning vinyl can be very easy if you have the right chemicals and equipment. Many will tell you to consider a fast acting cleaner and a soft tool. However, you further need to know why you are choosing one cleaner over the other. Not every wall is similar. Consequently, different cleaners are meant for different sidings.

Choosing the wrong cleaner can make a simple work very tedious. As a result, you should always look forward to having just what you need for the perfect cleaning. The main importance of cleaning your sidings is to make them attractive. As a result, any cleaner that compromises on aesthetics is not worth a try.


Cost is the most essential aspect of every purchase you make. A good cleaner should always be affordable without compromising on performance. There is always a cleaner out there whose price is just perfect for you. Moreover, it should be economical to use. Go for a chemical that is able to cover larger area using smaller quantities effectively.


Cleaning on its own is very time-consuming. Generally, cleaners such as bleaches take sometimes to finally act on stains and dirt. However, it would be meaningless to use a cleaner that takes forever to act. Consequently, you need a cleaner that is fast acting to save you all that misery.


The ease of use of any cleaner is very essential. Can you imagine using a chemical whose odor renders it uncomfortable to use? A good siding cleaner should be easy to mix and apply, and preferably liquid chemicals. Moreover, you should consider a chemical that can work without depending on other chemicals.


A good cleaner should always be safer to use. Moreover, it is no secret that using environmentally friendly products is beneficial to use. Using a wrong chemical could make you an agent of environmental pollution all in innocence. A good cleaning material should not be made of hazardous chemicals such as heavy metals.


One of the main reason Vinyl sidings are popular is their attractive looks. However, they can get stained and dirty making them look very ugly. You will, therefore, need very powerful cleaners that can remove dirt stubborn stain. Consequently, you will need a cleaner that is able to remove stains while retaining their original good looks.

Types of Surface to be Cleaned

Can you be able to tell what type of dirt you are interested in cleaning from your walls? Different types of surfaces require the use of different cleaners. It would be so meaningless to use an expensive cleaner meant for tough stains on mere dirt. Moreover, there are cleaners specifically manufactured for special stains like molds.


Any good cleaner should always be able to clean more surfaces than their intended use. Consequently, you will be able to cut on cost while cleaning. Moreover, you will be able to protect the other surfaces of your house exteriors not covered with sidings. As a result, you should consider a chemically inert cleaner.

Final verdict

Vinyl sidings should indeed be in the budget of anyone impressed by attracting exterior wall designs.  Despite cleaning, they are worth using on your walls. If you look at the bigger picture, they provide a cheaper wall construction option regardless.  Most importantly, the best Vinyl siding cleaner should always be cheaper, acts instantly and easy to use.

Therefore, any cleaner used on your vinyl sidings should conserve its aesthetic value. You should avoid colored clothes that might bleed stubborn color stains on your walls. Moreover, consider mild bleaches that are not strong enough to destroy walls. If given proper cleaning, they can go a long way to becoming a durable and attractive wall material.

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