Top 7 Best Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Are you trapped in the bustle of cutting cards or banners, perforatingdecal stickers, make scrapbooking cutouts, or signs? No doubt this requires a lot of skill, vigor, and art.

With the best vinyl cutter plotter, modern professionals and newbies can realign projects with ease while improving productivity.

Most of today’s vinyl cutters come with software accompanied with built-in designs. Remarkably, some are downloadable for your basic and specific DIY applications.

Besides, they have the capability to create intricate designs and superb graphics impressions unrivaled to market conventional models output.

Well, thanks to this review, in just a single click, you can save time and pick your ideal vinyl plotter decisively. It is time we look at some of the most-hunted crafts to help you unleash your creativity.

Top 7 Best Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review in 2019

1.Techtongda 10ft Neon Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Is your upcoming project all about printing Wall Décor, business Signage, automobile Vinyl Wraps, personalized event Invitation cards and logos? Then the techtongda 10ft Neon Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter is all you need. It outstandingly peels hot or cold.

Techtongda 10ft Neon Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter


The vinyl cutter is the ultimate solution for a heat transfer over printing with the ability to make rich and outstanding impressions. You will find this a reliable option when customizing T-shirts or Bags.


Besides, you have one of the most resourceful cutters that come with a PU vinyl transfer capability. This implies it can be excellently engraved including doing the one-step shape forming.

The best part, the manufacturer provides up to 33 colors to choose from if you are definitive with your choice. The colors are bright and pure. Remarkably, there is no color restriction of printing stock.


If you are into the entrepreneurial bug, you don’t have to worry about how versatile the Techtongda 10ft Neon is. It is intelligently made of a clear, thick adhesive layer which is high temperature resistant.

This not only makes the machine durable and resilient to top performance but also cut-out image for easy transfer.

For a design ardent like you, you know this is everything you want while doing heat transfer for garment decoration.


Unleash your artistic potential with this best vinyl cutter plotter by handling different types of clothing materials. This includes those made of 100% cotton and polyester, the best part it can also handle both.

Additionally, it applies to all kinds of textile material. This includes the low-temperature press materials like non-woven fabrics and purified cotton.

PU vinyl transfer is today’s popular heat press material when printing logos, names, T-shirts, sportswear and many other details. Luckily, this is what the Techtongda 10ft Neon brings to your workstation.

You can literary process your image using your PC and cut the image into required sizes using this cutter plotter. The best part, you can proceed to peel off any part lot of your liking for a superb finish.

Also, you can draw past master using your computer to design personalized finishes.

Durability and Maintenance

Unlike most of the traditional vinyl you will come across in the market, this is one of the most durable designs. It is impressively, stretchable, fast and delivers on time, just like you wanted.

Lastly, you will find Techtongda 10ft Neon one of the ideal choices easy to maintain. This is because it can be washed in all kinds of ways.


  • Embraces PU vinyl transfer
  • Boasts fine engraving and one-step-forming
  • Produces rich and quality output
  • Comes in 33 color choices
  • Can be heat transfer over print


  • LCD screen not wide enough

2.Techtongda 10ft Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Popular among graphic designers as the prominent user-friendly PU vinyl transfer, this Cutter Plotter is an inspiration to the art.

Techtongda 10ft Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Design capability

It comes with impeccable power to finely engrave and do one-step shape-forming. This implies you can create a plate impression and lay out your colors accurately for the finest printing.


The fun doesn’t stop there. The Techtongda 10ft Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter can heat transfer over print.

Resultantly, if you are doing T-shirts or Logos, you expect an extra rich and warm personalized finish.


Could you be specific with the colors you want to use for your upcoming project? Thanks to this vinyl cutter plotter, you have 33 options to choose from.

This saves you time and effort for the right pick instead of going around and digging for lackluster conventional designs. Ultimately, you cost cut on replacements costs in the long run.


If you happen to be trapped with an inadequate design, no need for anxieties. You can count on the Techtongda 10ft Pink PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter editing tools to adjust your image to required specifications.

Would you like to design your image relying on a cutting software guide? Well, thanks to this model, this is right in your hand.

Besides, you can adjust your software to change your design just right before cutting starts.


Think of cutting paper, vinyl, lightweight fabric, rhinestone material and many other types of craft! This vinyl cutter is your perfect companion for incredible productivity.


  • Suitable for personal and commercial heat press
  • Has blade offset compensation for fine cut
  • Easily adjustable to suit the application
  • Embraces both cold and warm peel
  • Produces intricate designs


  • Not great for gloss finishing

3.Techtongda 10ft Fluorescent Blue PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Execute your creativity with no limits attached using the magnificent Techtongda 10ft Fluorescent Blue PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter. In addition, step up your design this year by banking on this vinyl with a variety of blade options.

Techtongda 10ft Fluorescent Blue PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter


Would you like to use your vinyl cutter plotter to print names on T-shirts and many other materials? You just got an excellent machine to do it all.

With this incredible vinyl, you can create and print impressions effortlessly on sportswear and other garments by a heat press.

Thankfully, you can press the image you have created on your T-shirt or any other fabric, and the results will be awe-inspiring.

It can be used on 100% polyester and cotton materials or if you like both depending on your specific task.


Find this vinyl cutter one of the most enjoyable to wash quickly your long life garments. In addition, you will find it easy to store too.

Ease of Use

If you find the need to create an image through your PC, all you have to do is cut the picture into required contours using this cutter plotter. As a result, you ca boldly proceed to peel off any part of the materials not necessary for the final push.


This machine compliant vinyl emerges as one of the most durable. Expect it to last you long for all your future projects.

However, no vinyl cutter would last if you don’t practice good maintenance. Also, it is remarkably stretchable.


Don’t you like it when your machine ads value for all your craftsmanship? The Techtongda 10ft Fluorescent Blue PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter isn’t exceptional.

It provides you a clear but thick high temperature resistant adhesive base layer. As a dedicated designer, this is important when holding cut-out image in position for easy transfer.


  • Purely PU material
  • Able to peel hot and cold
  • Stretchable long lasting design
  • Available in many bright and pure colors
  • can be used as heat transfer over print


  • Not a good idea for quick Bluetooth connectivity

4.Black PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

This is probably one of the most top-performance affordable vinyl cutters you will come across. The new Black PU Vinyl is exactly all you need in one package.

Black PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Where to Use

Think of design or creating impression photos on T-shirts, iPhone cases, mouse pads, ceramics and other graphics! You would need an ideal vinyl cutter plotter for both heavy duty use and personal hobby design work.

The Black PU Vinyl is not only your excellent solution on this but also cuts all kinds of vinyl. This includes glitter vinyl, hologram vinyl, car decals, glossy vinyl, carbon fiber plus a lot more.


Probably one of the greatest strength of this vinyl cutter plotter is that as a PU vinyl transfer, it can be finely engraved and at the same time used as one-step shape-forming.

Heat transfer

Remarkably, you can use this as a heat transfer over print if you are dealing with materials like T-shirts and many other garments. As a result, you are likely to achieve not only impeccable results but also clear-cut finishes.


Imagine choosing your vinyl cutter plotter from 33 color options? You are definitely sure you can miss your selection for a successful project combination.

Quality craft

To enable you experience a thrilling design, the base paper comes with a high temperature resistant adhesive layer. This is to enable you to stick back your image just in case you peel it off by mistake to the base paper. Consequently, you are guaranteed of the initial form, an essential capability for small letters and other patters.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with advanced with powder coated surface
  • Boasts washing endurance but washable by all means
  • Ideal for PC past master drawing
  • Has 33 colors choices


  • Doesn’t come with spare blades

5.Techtongda 10ft Old Gold PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

If you love interesting designs tools, this is perhaps the most impressive vinyl cutter plotter that out-competes its peers effortlessly.

Techtongda 10ft Old Gold PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter


With the capability to adjust its speed, the Techtongda 10ft Old Gold PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter boasts amazing pressure.

As a result, you can cut through a variety of material including adhesive vinyl, hard paperboards, mask material and much more.


Are you an upcoming designer or professional craftsman? Chances are you might come across the need to make impressions on T-shirts including contour cutting.

Find this not only simple but also quick accomplishing more in less time, thanks to the innovativeness of this model.


With its LCD screen and bid-sized control panel buttons, you have the kind of adjustment you require in one machine.

Nevertheless, all you need to do is ensure you have the right pressure change to achieve excellent results. Remember, you are fully backed by a built-in responsive touch of a button screen round the clock. As a result, you can realize high productivity without any fear of slowdowns.


The Techtongda 10ft Old Gold PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter is your reliable single digital readout for accurate results.


Even if you are a seasoned scrap booker or a hands-on designer, with this vinyl cutter plotter, you are accommodated. Find it one of the easiest to use while dealing with a variety of applications.


  • Functions easily adjustable to suit expectations
  • Usable seamless with PC
  • Ideal for fine engraving and one-step shape forming
  • Available in many color options
  • can be used as heat transfer over print


  • Doesn’t come with extra spares

6.Techtongda 10ft Purple PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

When it comes to challenging the imitations, the Techtongda 10ft Purple PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter doesn’t struggle to impress. This is just another perfect way to step up your designer creativity this year.

Techtongda 10ft Purple PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter


Upgrade to this versatile vinyl cutter plotter to add your graphics and photos on T-shirts, thanks to its immaculate performance.

Additionally, expect to create before print impressions on puzzles, phone or tablet cases, ceramic tiles plus many other materials quickly.


Expect not to have enough of this package. This is because it emerges not just a suitable design for heavy duty work but also commercial use.

Materials to Cut

Think of flocking vinyl, PU vinyl, glitter vinyl and carbon fiber vinyl! The Techtongda 10ft Purple PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter cuts it all. This includes hologram vinyl, reflective vinyl, stickers plus much more.


If you love easy-to-use vinyl cutter plotters, this is your top-class design boasting reliable heat transfer features. It comes ready to use with a swing away style for easy operation.


The manufacturer provides you a variety of colors for this model if you are specific with your tasks at hand. You have up to 33 colors to choose from. This is convenience unmatched to the standard imitations flooded I the market.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 100% PU vinyl transfer
  • Ideal for excellent one-step shape forming
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain


  • A little bit Slow digital connectivity

7.Techtongda 10ft Neon Green PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter

You have no idea what you are missing out on the remarkable Techtongda 10ft Neon Green PU Vinyl Cutter Plotter.

What to do with it

This vinyl cutter plotter is able to print and cut out names, logos, T-shirts, and many other designs on garments. This is all purely done by heat press.

In addition, you can use this vinyl cutter plotter on all kinds of textile material. This includes low-temperature press supplies like purified cotton and other non-woven fabrics.


Is your project demanding a variety of colors? With this vinyl cutter, you never have to worry. It comes in 33 different colors to choose from to suit your tastes and preferences for design work.


You are looking at a long-lasting vinyl cutter plotter able to wash quickly. This is a bold step to saving time and enhancing productivity.

Besides, you can last with this cutter minimizing on possible extra costs due to malfunctions or slowdowns.

Versatility and Flexibility

The best part is yet on the way. There is absolutely no color restriction on this model especially when printing stock and strong masking powder.

Find this vinyl your competition counter that is easy to adjust or change to suit your specific measurements. Remember, you can also finely engrave materials since it is an excellent PU vinyl transfer.

Ease of Use

You think you have had enough? Think again! It comes to you as a high resistance to rub but at the same time is effortlessly washable.

Thankfully, while machine washing it, the powder cat be removed and the best part; can be washed by any method.

Amazingly, while doing the washing, you don’t have to worry about the material cracking whether in low or high temperatures.


  • Embraces one-step shape forming
  • Available in 33 colors
  • Can be a heat transfer over print
  • Produces rich and impeccable output
  • Easy to use


  • The surface has only one waterproof layer

Vinyl Cutter Plotter Buying Guide

A die cutter is an impressive tool to employ on cardstock, rubber, foil, fiber and so many other tough materials.

However, if you are a newbie in this industry, most models come with the basic and advanced features. But the basic ones are able to scan, weld, draw and even print your finishes.

We recommend choosing your best vinyl cutter plotter able to emboss and cut if your projects are too demanding.

But what else do you need to look out for if you want a quality vinyl cutter plotter? We suggest you always go beyond speed and power.

Your budget

Well, your purchasing power may dictate a lot on what kind of vinyl cutter plotter you can afford.

However, identify your choice based on the scale of the applications and what you intend to achieve. If you are to produce work just for hobby interests, you might consider cheaper designs while honing your skills professionally.

Nevertheless, this is not cast on stone. You can still buy a well-advanced machine with your basics and kick off the production just like you anticipated.


We suggest you go for a vinyl cutter plotter you can use with advanced machines. This is essential if you would want to cut a variety of materials. Thisincludes sandblasting resist rubber, self-adhesive and high-density vinyl plus many others.


Besides, if your vinyl cutter plotter comes with modern functions like an LCD control panel with many features, that is a plus.

For creative art or design enthusiasts, nothing makes the whole craft intense like a vinyl hat delivers the better.

Check that your model has a perfectly functioning ARMS system. This is the system that helps to locate registration marks and color options automatically. Moreover, you stand a chance to produce outstanding print and cut graphics results.

In addition, a USB interface is today’s convenience for the effortless convenience of connecting several computers to your vinyl cutter. This is essential for seamless, creation or import of specific designs.

Drive Motor Power

Remember, you can consider your best vinyl cutter plotter from either the latest designs or the conventional models. Modern ones come with the servo motor and the conventional mechanical crafts with a stepper motor.

Servo motor vinyl is affordable but not as precise as those with the servo motor. They are also noisier.

On the flip side, the servo motor models boast a high accuracy compared to their counterparts but need software to carry out most of its functions.

The Quality of Pinch Rollers

Consider adjustable pinch rollers since they emerge better pressure applications on a variety of materials.

This is handy when you’re a passionate designer with a keen eye for tracking proficiency in your projects.

Remember, a great vinyl cutter plotter able to track would provide you clean cuts and edge while reducing possible wastage.

Furthermore, keep in mind of the assemblage of the floor stand and control panel as they help a lot in realizing top-class tracking.

Settings automation

Your vinyl cutter should adjust automatically to an optimized level to boost performance without manual interference.

Resultantly, you can save time and effort to handle a lot more other stuff while maximizing output.

Other handy tips

  • Cutting area relative to output without jamming
  • Blade and substrate  type
  • Noise and speed levels
  • Machine stability and the kind of workstation to used
  • Length of warranty agreement for enhanced  reliability
  • Extra features like availability of software, wireless capability (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) plus much more.


Could you be a fanatic in need of a vinyl cutter plotter with impressive results?   Whether you are in the design and art industry you can boldly rely on these top brands for inspiring results.

They are not only favorites among professionals across the industry but also come for advanced tool hardware.  Remember, this is essential for real-time optical sensing of printed registration marks.

However, the best machine should embrace the latest tech-savvy functionalities to suit your ever demanding applications.

You never have to develop jitters over precision and productivity anymore. Thanks to the innovation behind these best vinyl cutters; you now can unbridle your design potential.  Luckily, your vinyl cutter plotter capability just got a little juicier.

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